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Portait of Los Angeles City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto in a blue blazer, standing in front of a blue curtain and flag of the City of Los Angeles.

As the elected Los Angeles City Attorney, my goals for this office are that we’re not only the best and most consequential public law office in the nation, but also the most dynamic and rewarding one in which to work. Review our openings - attorney positions and others - and apply today to join our talented diverse team of nearly 1,000 legal professionals dedicated to serving our City.

- Hydee Feldstein Soto, Los Angeles City Attorney

With 500+ attorneys practicing criminal and civil law throughout the City of Los Angeles, and nearly 500 other legal professionals, the work we do is as exciting as the people and City we serve.

In addition to competitive salaries, this Office provides a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, life insurance, and retirement, and flexible work schedules, including telework and alternate work options. This is designed to support employees’ well-being, growth and work-life balance.  

This Office is an equal opportunity employer for all qualified candidates. We welcome all applicants. All positions are open to qualified persons pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. This Office will make reasonable accommodations.


Openings: Attorneys

Supervising Attorney (link to PDF)
Assistant City Attorney
Civil Branch (#3337)
Deputy City Attorney II / III (link to PDF)
Police Board of Rights Advocate
Public Safety General Counsel Division
Municipal Law Branch (#3283)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Public Rights Branch (3309B)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Land Use Division
Housing, Land Use & Real Property Branch (#3260)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Workers' Compensation
Civil Litigation Branch (#3034F)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Civil Litigation Section
Department of Water & Power Division (#3295B)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF) 
Civil Litigation Branch
Police Litigation Unit (#3037B)
Legal Training Coordinator (link to PDF)
Deputy City Attorney 1-11
Operations and Finance Branch (#3325)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Water & Environment Section
Department of Water and Power Division (#3293)
Deputy City Attorneys (link to PDF)
Criminal Branch Operations
Criminal and Special Litigation Branch (#3039)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Employment Litigation Division 
Civil Litigation Branch (#3036D)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
General Litigation Division
Civil Litigation Branch (#3048D)
Deputy City Attorney (link to PDF)
Department of Water & Power Division
Real Estate/Procurement Attorney (#3311)

Openings: Support Staff and Other Legal Professionals

Paralegal I (link to PDF)
Labor Relations Division (#3212C)
Legal Secretary 1 (link to PDF)
Civil, Criminal and Municipal Branches
Various Sections (#802)
Legal Clerk I (link to PDF)
Civil, Criminal and Municipal Branches 
Various Sections (#861H)
Legal Clerk II (link to PDF)
Various Sections (#862H)


Four young interns holding water bottles, smiling, and giving a thumbs up while riding public transportation.

Special Opportunities

  • Law Clerk and Volunteer (Internship) Program (link to PDF) Learn about the City Attorney's Law Clerk and Volunteer program and apply today.
  • Post Bar Fellowship (link to PDF) For individuals who have received a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree and are awaiting California Bar examination results to apply for the program.
  • TAP Practicum (link to PDF) For individuals who have completed the L.A. County Bar Association Traditional TAP course.
  • Office Assistants (link to PDF) For students, ages 18-24, of L.A. Community College District and other regional community colleges, as part of the L.A. College Promise program.

For more information, Email Danette Garcia, Director - Community and Government Affairs. 

City Attorney Affinity Groups

Legal Clerk I: Typing Certifications

Applicants for the position of Legal Clerk I are required to submit a typing certification to demonstrate they meet the minimum typing requirements. Candidates who fail to provide a typing certification will be disqualified from the examination process. The City Attorney’s Office does not administer typing tests to candidates. The certification must be issued by an agency or an accredited school within the last 12 months; here are additional agencies that may provide certification (link to PDF). On-line issued typing certifications will not be accepted.

The typing certification must meet the minimum 35 net words per minute, have no more than five (5) errors, and be scored according to the following method: 5 minute timed typing exercise, showing a gross rate of speed and a net speed calculated by deducting one (1) word per minute for each error in the exercise.

Certification may be in the form of a certificate, letter, or test results form and must contain the following:

  • Agency’s official emblem or watermark
  • Name of applicant
  • Number of minutes of the timed typing test
  • Number of gross words per minute
  • Number of net words per minute
  • Number of errors
  • Date of certificate
  • Signature of person certifying the certificate
  • Address and telephone number of agency