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Children Exposed to Violence and Gun Violence

The Children Exposed to Violence Unit (CEV) within the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney is the first of its kind in the nation. This is a trauma-informed unit that supports children from the time a violent crime is committed and is dedicated to reducing the impacts violence causes on children directly or indirectly.

The exposure of children to violence is a national epidemic that affects an estimated 46- million children in the United States. No matter where the violence occurs, at home, school, or in the community, exposure to violence is a uniquely traumatic experience for children with consequences that can last a lifetime.

Recognizing this troublesome reality, prosecutors within the Children Exposed to Violence initiative are devoted to ensuring the safety and well-being of children through not only prosecution, but also prevention, intervention and educational programs.

Children Exposed to Gun Violence

When gun violence occurs in a community, children are often witnesses to the event and its aftermath. The impact of gun violence exposure is associated with learning, health, emotional and behavioral issues immediately following the event and also later in life.

The City Attorney's REACH Team, in partnership with the renowned Children's Institute, LAPD, as well as LAPD’s Community Safety Partnership Bureau (CSPB) and local nonprofit organizations, aims to ensure that children and families exposed to gun violence in LAPD's Southeast and 77th Division (and growing to cover all of South Los Angeles and Newton Division by the end of 2023) receive appropriate and timely crisis intervention and support services.

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