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Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is an authorized MCLE provider. Attorneys with the office are required to meet 25 hours of MCLE every three years and file a report with the State Bar of California.

​Here is a breakdown of the required credits:

  • ​Half of the 25 MCLE hours must be in activities approved for what are called "participatory" MCLE credit.
  • No more than 12.5 hours can be for self-study.
  • At least four hours of legal ethics.
  • At least one hour on competence issues.
  • At least two hours on the Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society; at least one hour must focus on implicit bias and the promotion of bias reducing strategies.

​For more information regarding MCLE requirements, refer to the State Bar of California. ​It is encouraged for attorneys to maintain records of their MCLE credits. Download a Sample MCLE Personal Credit Log. (link to PDF)

Attorneys within the Office interested in serving as MCLE instructors can submit an MCLE Training Course Proposal form. Proposals should be submitted three weeks in advance of the proposed training date.

Social Media Policy

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office welcomes you and your comments to our social media channels, which include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Nextdoor.

​The purpose of the City Attorney’s social media channels is to present information to the public. Comments posted are public and no right of privacy should be expected. Posting sensitive personal identifying information, such as home addresses and personal email addresses, is therefore not recommended.
A comment posted by a member of the public on any of the City Attorney’s social media channels is the opinion of the commenter or poster only, and publication of a comment does not imply endorsement of, or agreement by, the Office of the City Attorney, nor do such comments necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the City Attorney’s Office.
Comments containing any of the following shall not be permitted and are subject to removal and/or restriction by the City:

  • Comments not related to the original topic.
  • Obscene content or language.
  • Criminal threats to any person or organization.
  • Solicitation of commerce, including but not limited to advertising of any business or product for sale.
  • Conduct in violation of any federal, state or local law.
  • Encouragement of illegal activity.
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest, such as a copyright, of any party.

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