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Neighborhood Justice Program (NJP)

NJP is a neighborhood-focused restorative justice program addressing root causes of criminal behavior, reducing recidivism, enhancing community relationships, and promoting public safety and quality of life. NJP is a diversion program in which first-time offenders and other eligible individuals are given an opportunity to repair the harm they caused through a community-based process, instead of in a courtroom. It allows an opportunity for: the individual to take responsibility while avoiding having a criminal record; the victim to be heard; and the community to be engaged. The goal is for the participant to have no future negative contact with law enforcement.

NJP invites community members to play active roles as volunteer panelists. They directly engage with the individual to discuss the crime, the reasons it was committed and the harm it caused. Working together with the individual, they discuss what obligations (amends) are appropriate given the crime and the harm caused. Such obligations can include community service, a letter of apology, restitution and classes aimed at decreasing the likelihood that the individual will recidivate. If the participant completes these obligations, no criminal case will be filed. If the participant fails to complete the obligations, the case is referred back to the City Attorney for prosecution.

Apply to become a volunteer panelist.

Quick Stats (as of 3/1/2023)

  • Referred cases: 7,565 Cases referred to NJP from the City Attorney's Criminal Branch).
  • Initiated cases: 4,667 participants agreed to participate in NJP.
  • Completed cases: 4,305 participants successfully completed NJP (93% of the initiated cases).
  • Recidivism rate for individuals that have successfully completed NJP is 5%. (Recidivism refers to the rate at which participants are convicted of  subsequent crimes after completing the program). 
  • Community Service hours completed by participants: 28,003.

Note: The gap of numbers between Referred cases and Initiated cases is due to no contact with the individual (no return calls/emails/letter); however, once they are in NJP, there is over a 90% likelihood of successful completion of the program.

Panel Locations

NJP operates virtually and also at 12 in-person locations throughout Los Angeles:
  • Boyle Heights Tech Center
  • Family Source Center (FSC), Canoga Park
  • Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), Central L.A.
  • L.A. LGBT Center, Hollywood
  • Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC)
  • New Directions for Youth, North Hollywood
  • El Nido Family Source Center, Pacoima
  • Toberman Neighborhood Center, San Pedro
  • Mark Ridley-Thomas Constituent Service Center, South L.A. 
  • Family Source Center (FSC), South Valley 
  • Marvin Braude Constituent Service Center, Van Nuys
  • West Los Angeles Municipal Building, Venice/West Los Angeles

To learn about eligibility for NJP, or for questions about serving as a volunteer panelist, email Saminh Greenberg, Supervising Attorney. 

The L.A. City Attorney's Neighborhood Justice Program is made possible in part through support from the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.